It’s been nearly two years since ‘the legend’ that was our Tom left us. On the up side beliketom continues to go from strength to strength, testament to a life well lived but not nearly for long enough. 

We now have fourteen defibrillators installed in the local area, some of which have been used already. We also have one in Guisborough and have agreed to provide two more machines once the clubs have bought and installed their boxes.

We are changing the plastic boxes for round metal ones. These are much more expensive but far more durable and difficult to miss.

Also, In future, to maximise our funds we’ve agreed to fund only the defibrillator which we will gift to whoever will supply and fit their own box once their request has been agreed. We are also happy to offer advice and support as needed .

Earlier this month our application for full charity status was approved. We’ve also had a number of fundraising events ongoing.

Our thanks go to Djenanne and team for organising a coffee morning in June. One hundred and fifty pounds was raised. Wonderful.

Heartfelt thanks go to Danielle and friends for inviting us to have a stall at New Marske sports club. We raised over ninety pounds and were able to spread the word a little further about the value of defibrillators.

We’ve provided three training sessions with support from Reese at NEAS which were very informative and well attended.

2019 in one way and another has been another challenging one for the family. We’ve welcomed support from all of our friends and family and have often imagined our Toms reaction to some of the situations we’ve found ourselves in. He was always a great support, would stand and mock us all, and that smile and cheeky face, not to mention that laugh… must try to be more like Tom in the future .

Thanks again to each and every one of you for caring.