This month we placed Defib number 32 at Galley hill in Guisbrough.

We have three more on order to bring our total to 35, the number we initially aimed for and we’ve almost succeeded.

It makes our hearts sing when we see them around in the community and know that Tom’s legacy lives on.

Trustees have decided that once number 35 is in place we will no longer actively seek further funding, although the charity will continue and we will support everyone as much as we are able to.

The balance in the bank will be used as a contingency for the ever increasing costs of replacement of pads, batteries, defibs themselves and anything else that comes our way.

Very recently we became aware of a problem with a defib cabinet which had overheated and damaged the defib casing and the bag it was in. We’ve contacted the manufacturer and hope they will help to resolve the situation, but until then the defib is stood down.

In the five years since Tom died much in the world has changed. The family has endured more challenges but again has been supported and comforted by so many loyal and good friends and we’ve made it through. Thanks to all of you for being ‘justliketom ‘ he would be so proud of each and every one of you, especially the fantastic Lucy and a and b !

Today I’m thinking of all the memories we made in the short time he was with us, we had a blast!

Love you Tom, forever and always