And so another year is almost over… time flies! Our 29th Defib has been delivered and will be online soon.

The way they are managed has changed this year with all defibs now  registered on a National database, which, in theory should make everything easier…. Once teething problems are sorted.

Also we have had meetings with Redcar and Cleveland Authority, who have access to funding for several defibs which they have asked us to help place in the community. We will help them by finding suitable locations in the areas which the ambulance service has  identified as requiring extra public defibrillators. As a result the locations we will look for will meet our objectives for placement, I.e. outside with 24/7 access to all, and the defibs will be placed on behalf of beliketom.

Donations continue despite COVID restricting our formal fundraising attempts. We’d like to give our heartfelt thanks for those who have continued to raise funds for us in these strange times; without you we would not be able to continue our work.

Big J and Lucy are both cutting their hair and donating it to a charity that makes wigs for children suffering hair loss. There’s a just giving site online if you’re interested.

An article in Redcar and Cleveland’s magazine has prompted some response from the public, some offers of donations and others wanting defibs for themselves. We’re following those up.

It’s important that we continue to stick to our charitable objectives, to explain that we are a small family run charity and that people do understand that if we are unable to help provide a Defib, because it’s either too close to another, or not 24/7 accessible, we can still have a conversation with them and advise what they can do for themselves.

December 23rd would have been the main man’s 40th birthday, and we had plans for a quiz night and celebration with friends and family. Life has a habit of throwing a curved ball  when you least expect or need it, and so as we stare down the barrel of yet more COVID restrictions and new variant risks, we are going to curtail celebrations for a few months more. 

I’m certain the day will not go unnoticed, and we’ll all drink a toast… maybe eat a slice of pie and fondly remember a most wonderful, loved and truly missed man…. The big lad, the one and only, our Tom.

Stay safe everyone and best wishes for Christmas and the New year.