2020 began well.  

By the end of January we had gifted two defibrillators, one to the scout hut at Marske and one to the sports club at New Marske. We delivered a box to the Mermaid at Marske and had several enquiries about help and support we could give. Lucy and Cyn continued to spread the word and we all prepared to craft for the coming coffee mornings and our big Christmas event.

Sea breeze, Redcar , The Mermaid, Marske, Paula and Neil chose to sponsor us in different ways, we had meetings to attend … and then the world stopped.

With no idea when this madness will end, be assured that Beliketom is still going strong. We will think of other ways to keep going, Jacob and Vix have a great idea for making something with crisp packet triangles (I still have all of Tom’s originals.)

There are now twenty two defibrillators installed and ready to use in memory of a wonderful man, and people are now recognising them and they are being used.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who continue to support us in so many ways, none of this would be possible without your generosity.

When we lost Tom we were sustained by the love and kindness shown by so many friends and family. Our door never closed and the house was rarely empty. In these dark times our thoughts are with all who are walking this long and arduous path and feeling isolated and alone. We are with you every step of the way,  just like our Tom would have been. 

Stay safe.